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  • IPP Awards

    My photo was awarded First place of IPPY (Iran press photo of the year) in Sports Single. Caption: One of the Street Jumper competes during the Street Bounce competition at Azadi Tower on March 9, 2018 in Tehran, Iran.

  • Abbas Attar

    In this photo, Abbas is seen with a rather depreciated camera conveying, in my opinion, this message that camera is a tool to enflame personal concerns when confronted with society, politics, etc. which is of the utmost importance is that is it you utilizing the camera or the camera enslaving you?

  • Second layer

    A glance at the single photo winners of sports category at World Press Photo reveals that stunning photos taken by professionals with high-tech cameras and lenses are no longer seen. Photos which absorb the attention of the audience at the first glance based on their perfect framing, composition and technique but lose their first impression rapidly since both public mind and elite mind have been fed up with such photos.…