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  • 10 Days, From Herat to Mazar-e-sharif

    After 17 years I went back to the Afghanistan trip Negative Archive from Spring 2002 and after three days of scanning a selection of negatives and a week of editing, I could present an acceptable photo collection of that trip. A trip that was carried out in the worst circumstances, but I would always like to take this route with my current experiences. Photo caption: This is me in Mazar-e-sharif…

  • Sheed Award 2019

    I am honored that my first coherent social documentary photography project is accepted at the prestigious awards of “Sheed 2019” and it will be exhibited this Friday at Silk Road Gallery of Tehran. After 17 years of activity in Sport Photography, this is my first experience which is about Pakistani immigrants.

  • Free!

    It’s better to be free!

  • Podium, Two

    I would like to invite you to Podium Annual Exhibition of Podium Photo Group at Silk Road Gallery in Tehran. Opening day : Friday Sep 14, 2018 – 4 pm. Podium, Two – Football Anecdotes “My political victories are more important than my victories as a professional player. A match finishes in 90 minutes, but life goes on.” (Sócrates) Football is perhaps the most popular event in the human history.…

  • Yoga day

    Baam-e Tehran in the north of the Iranian capital recently hosted the largest gathering of Iranian Yoga practitioners to mark the International Yoga Day on June 21, 2018. Currently there are 18,000 sports clubs across Iran with 3,000 focusing mainly on Yoga and 12,000 others focusing on Yoga and other athletic exercises.