Red Fans


Tractor Sazi F.C. commonly known as Tractor is a professional football club based in Tabriz, Iran and owned by Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company. The club was formed in 1970 in support of Tractor Manufacturing Company in Tabriz and is one of the most famous and most popular clubs in Iran and Asia. According to the ranking of the world’s top club teams in 2013 by the “Soccer Database,” Tractor is the 3rd in Iran, 19th in Asia and 305th in the world. Tractor Sazi had the most fans attendance in home games in the Iran Pro League in 2010–11, 2011–12 and 2012–13 seasons. As of 2013, the club has more than 482,000 registered official fans.
The Tractor Sazi soccer players are known as the Red Wolves and the fans express their advocacy by relating the red uniform to “the color of our blood.”
Thus, to emphasis on the color red, the set of photos have been taken with a red camera filter.