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Ultimate Goal

In the world of wrestling, the ultimate objective varies across age groups. The outlook of young teenagers and elderly individuals involved in this prominent sport

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No Identity

Over the years, many athletes found their recognition in sports fields and transcended it to socio-political awareness. From Sócrates and The Corinthians’ Democracy movement to

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After 40 Years

The violation of women’s rights in social, political, and sports spheres is deeply distressing for the majority of Iranians. Despite progress, women in Iran are

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IPPA Awards 2019

My photo story about the First Down Syndrome Wrestling Team in the World was awarded First Place of IPPA 2019 (Iranian Press Photo Awards of

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Javid Nikpour, born in Tehran, Iran, in 1976, discovered his passion for photography in 2000 and has since embarked on a successful career in the field. While specializing in documentary photography, Javid has also been working as a sports photographer since 2001. Notably, Javid has served as the photo manager for Iranian photographers in several prominent international sports events. He has been involved in the Olympic Games, including Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020. Additionally, Javid has contributed his expertise to the Asian Games held in Doha 2006, Guangzhou 2010, Incheon 2014, and Indonesia 2018, as well as the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya 2021. In 2015, Javid’s dedication to his craft was recognized when he received an Art first-grade diploma, equivalent to a PhD in Art specializing in photography, from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Iran. In 2016, he founded the Podium Photos Group, an esteemed documentary photography collective ( Javid Nikpour has transitioned his focus towards personal narrative and sport documentary photography, with a particular emphasis on capturing the social issues within the world of sports. His recent work delves into the intersection of sports and society, shedding light on compelling stories and narratives that go beyond the surface. His ongoing work reflects a desire to go beyond traditional sports photography, exploring untold stories and social realities within the sports realm. The impact of Javid’s unique storytelling and captivating imagery on documenting the social aspects of sports was showcased at the prestigious the Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival – Night of the Year 2023 event in Arles, France.