After 40 Years

Despite sports progress, women in Iran are still prohibited from entering football stadiums. However, a significant milestone was achieved during the 2018 FIFA World Cup when, after 40 years, they were finally granted access to Azadi Stadium in Tehran to experience live football matches. On March 1st, during a meeting between Gianni Infantino, the president […]

No Identity

Over the years, many athletes found their recognition in sports fields and transcended it to socio-political awareness. From Sócrates and The Corinthians’ Democracy movement to fasten fists of Tommy Smith and John Carlos against the U.S. racial discrimination and violence against Black people. For a long time, in favor of the separation of politics and […]

Ultimate Goal

Engaging in sports to achieve higher goals echoes the struggle for survival in life; athletes exhibit varying perspectives at different stages. The youth aspire for triumph, championship, and acclaim, whereas seasoned athletes yearn for tranquility, stability, and enduring significance.